Gold Released

I have finally released gold, the new ELF linker I’ve been working on, to the free software world. It is now part of the GNU binutils. I sent an announcement to the binutils mailing list.






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  1. tromey Avatar


    BTW I skimmed bits of the code and I would like to say — excellent job. I wish all the GNU tools were written this way.

  2. Joe Buck Avatar
    Joe Buck

    I’ve just tried out gold on a couple of medium-to-large C++ executables and a shared library. It’s a very fast drop-in replacement. Thanks! I’ll be using it immediately to speed up the build/debug/fix/rebuild cycle that I live in these days.

  3. ncm Avatar

    Congratulations! Many complain, but few fix.

    Quick lazyweb question: does gcc need to know that it’s talking to gold (e.g. configure option when building gcc) or can I just “mv gold /usr/bin/ld” and go?

  4. Ian Lance Taylor Avatar

    Joe: thanks for the note–glad it’s working for you.

    ncm: gcc does not need to know that it is talking to gold. gold is a drop-in replacement. (The FC8 gcc does pass a –build-id option which gold doesn’t recognize–I’m working on that one).

  5. […] I’ve been following Ian Lance Taylor’s updates on the status of gold, the new binutils linker, for a while, so when he announced that he’d added it to the binutils tree, I decided to make a little time to try it out. […]

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