When Titans Clash

I didn’t expect to like the recent remake of Clash of the Titans much, but I was pleasantly surprised. Most movies of this sort have a simple underlying theme. For this movie the theme was going to be that humans could stand on their own and did not need help from the gods. But, due to either horrible or inspired writing, they botched the theme, even admitting it in the final scene. This gave the movie a refreshingly strange feeling in the middle of the usual monster fights.

Particularly strange and quite wonderful was the short sequence in which the intrepid band rides along in howdahs strapped to giant scorpions which grew from the blood of the hero’s mother’s husband who had been given strange powers by Hades. That one was surely bad writing trying to rework an idea which sort of made sense in the original movie, but while failing turning it into something weirdly original and striking.

I’m not sure I should recommend seeing this movie, but if you go in with low expectations I think it should be quite enjoyable.

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