Performance Tracking for GCC

This page contains daily performance results for SPEC2000 using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). The main goals of this activity are:

Ideally, we would like to use tools that give us an indication of how good/bad a job GCC is doing in specific areas of the optimization process. Unfortunately, SPEC is not suited for this. But it is an industry standard benchmark that can help us keep track of our progress. Other SPEC2000 and SPEC2006 are maintained by various volunteers.

The system runs every day at 05:01 GMT. The source tree is updated, built from scratch and a validation run of SPECint and SPECfp is done. There is one chart for each individual SPEC benchmark that shows the daily results for base (-O2) and peak (-O3). Furthermore, for each day there is a directory with the following files:

  1. Log file for the runspec command.
  2. SPEC report in HTML, PDF, PostScript and ASCII formats.
  3. Log file with the output of cvs up for that day.
  4. Diff file with all the new ChangeLog entries for that day.

If you are interested in running SPEC on another platform, contact me to get a copy of the scripts. I will also appreciate any suggestions you may have about the data we collect, how we use it and what information we present on these charts.

Daily results for GCC mainline

About the SPEC benchmark

We are not interested in absolute marks but rather fluctuations in the results. Typically, a 2-5% fluctuation from day to day is to be expected. Sometimes we might even get wild variations on a single day (either positive or negative). What is interesting is when you see a peak or a depression that is maintained over time. That's when we take a look and see what's going on.

Last modified: Sep 25, 2007