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Taylor UUCP

This is the documentation for the Taylor UUCP package, version 1.07. The programs were written by Ian Lance Taylor. The author can be reached at ian@airs.com.

There is a mailing list for discussion of the package. The list is hosted by Eric Schnoebelen at cirr.com. To join (or get off) the list, send mail to taylor-uucp-request@gnu.org. Mail to this address is answered by the majordomo program. To join the list, send the message `subscribe address' where address is your e-mail address. To send a message to the list, send it to taylor-uucp@gnu.org. There is an archive of all messages sent to the mailing list at https://lists.cirr.com.

Taylor UUCP Copying Conditions  
1. Introduction to Taylor UUCP  
2. Invoking the UUCP Programs  
3. Installing Taylor UUCP  
4. Using Taylor UUCP  
5. Taylor UUCP Configuration Files  
6. UUCP Protocol Internals  UUCP Protocol Descriptions
7. Hacking Taylor UUCP  
8. Acknowledgements  

Concept Index  
Configuration File Index  Index to New Configuration Files

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Invoking the UUCP Programs

2.1 Standard Options  Standard Options for the UUCP Programs
2.2 Invoking uucp  
2.3 Invoking uux  
2.4 Invoking uustat  
2.5 Invoking uuname  
2.6 Invoking uulog  
2.7 Invoking uuto  
2.8 Invoking uupick  
2.9 Invoking cu  
2.10 Invoking uucico  
2.11 Invoking uuxqt  
2.12 Invoking uuchk  
2.13 Invoking uuconv  
2.14 Invoking uusched  

Invoking uucp

2.2.1 uucp Description  Description of uucp
2.2.2 uucp Options  Options Supported by uucp

Invoking uux

2.3.1 uux Description  Description of uux
2.3.2 uux Options  Options Supported by uux
2.3.3 uux Examples  Examples of uux Usage

Invoking uustat

2.4.1 uustat Description  Description of uustat
2.4.2 uustat Options  Options Supported by uustat
2.4.3 uustat Examples  Examples of uustat Usage

Invoking cu

2.9.1 cu Description  Description of cu
2.9.2 cu Commands  Commands Supported by cu
2.9.3 cu Variables  Variables Supported by cu
2.9.4 cu Options  Options Supported by cu

Invoking uucico

2.10.1 uucico Description  Description of uucico
2.10.2 uucico Options  Options Supported by uucico

Installing Taylor UUCP

3.1 Compiling Taylor UUCP  
3.2 Testing the Compilation  
3.3 Installing the Binaries  
3.4 Configuring Taylor UUCP  
3.5 Testing the Installation  

Using Taylor UUCP

4.1 Calling Other Systems  
4.2 Accepting Calls  
4.3 Using UUCP for Mail and News.  
4.4 The Spool Directory Layout  
4.5 Cleaning the Spool Directory  Cleaning the UUCP Spool Directory

Using UUCP for Mail and News.

4.3.1 Sending mail or news via UUCP  
4.3.2 Receiving mail or news via UUCP  

The Spool Directory Layout

4.4.1 System Spool Directories  
4.4.2 Status Directory  Status Spool Directory
4.4.3 Execution Subdirectories  Execution Spool Subdirectories
4.4.4 Other Spool Subdirectories  
4.4.5 Lock Files in the Spool Directory  Spool Directory Lock Files

Taylor UUCP Configuration Files

5.1 Configuration File Overview  
5.2 Configuration File Format  
5.3 Examples of Configuration Files  
5.4 Time Strings  How to Write Time Strings
5.5 Chat Scripts  How to Write Chat Scripts
5.6 The Main Configuration File  
5.7 The System Configuration File  
5.8 The Port Configuration File  The Port Configuration Files
5.9 The Dialer Configuration File  The Dialer Configuration Files
5.10 UUCP Over TCP  
5.11 Security  Security Issues

Examples of Configuration Files

5.3.1 config File Examples  Examples of the Main Configuration File
5.3.2 Leaf Example  Call a Single Remote Site
5.3.3 Gateway Example  The Gateway for Several Local Systems

The Main Configuration File

5.6.1 Miscellaneous config File Commands  
5.6.2 Configuration File Names  Using Different Configuration Files
5.6.3 Log File Names  Using Different Log Files
5.6.4 Debugging Levels  

The System Configuration File

5.7.1 Defaults and Alternates  Using Defaults and Alternates
5.7.2 Naming the System  
5.7.3 Calling Out  
5.7.4 Accepting a Call  
5.7.5 Protocol Selection  
5.7.6 File Transfer Control  
5.7.7 Miscellaneous sys File Commands  
5.7.8 Default sys File Values  Default Values

Calling Out When to Call Placing the Call Logging In  


5.10.1 Connecting to Another System Over TCP  
5.10.2 Running a TCP Server  

UUCP Protocol Internals

6.1 UUCP Protocol Sources  Sources for UUCP Protocol Information
6.2 UUCP Grades  
6.3 UUCP Lock Files  
6.4 Execution File Format  
6.5 UUCP Protocol  
6.6 UUCP `g' Protocol  g protocol
6.7 UUCP `f' Protocol  f protocol
6.8 UUCP `t' Protocol  t protocol
6.9 UUCP `e' Protocol  e protocol
6.10 UUCP `G' Protocol  G protocol
6.11 UUCP `i' Protocol  i protocol
6.12 UUCP `j' Protocol  j protocol
6.13 UUCP `x' Protocol  x protocol
6.14 UUCP `y' Protocol  y protocol
6.15 UUCP `d' Protocol  d protocol
6.16 UUCP `h' Protocol  h protocol
6.17 UUCP `v' Protocol  v protocol

UUCP Protocol

6.5.1 The Initial Handshake  
6.5.2 UUCP Protocol Commands  
6.5.3 The Final Handshake  

UUCP Protocol Commands The S Command The R Command The X Command The E Command The H Command  

Hacking Taylor UUCP

7.1 System Dependence  
7.2 Naming Conventions  
7.3 Patches  

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