Taylor UUCP 1.07

Taylor UUCP was written by Ian Lance Taylor. I can be reached at ian@airs.com.

Feel free to download the source code or read the documentation.

There is a mailing list for discussion of the package. To join (or get off) the list, send mail to taylor-uucp-request@gnu.org. Mail to this address is answered by a person, not a program. When joining the list, make sure you include the address at which you want to receive mail in the body of your message. To send a message to the list, send it to taylor-uucp@gnu.org.

Taylor UUCP is covered by the GNU Public License. If you would like to do something with this package that you feel is reasonable but you feel is prohibited by the license, contact me to see if we can work it out.

What it is

This is the complete source code for a Unix UUCP package. It provides everything you need to make a UUCP connection. It includes versions of uucico, uusched, uuxqt, uux, uucp, uustat, uulog, uuname, uuto, uupick, and cu, as well as uuchk (a program to check configuration files), uuconv (a program to convert from one type of configuration file to another) and tstuu (a test harness for the package).

This is the standard UUCP package of the Free Software Foundation.

The package currently supports the f, g (in all window and packet sizes), G, t and e protocols, as well a Zmodem protocol and two new bidirectional protocols. If you have a Berkeley sockets library, it can make TCP connections. If you have TLI libraries, it can make TLI connections. It supports a new configuration file mechanism which I like (but other people dislike).

The package has a few advantages over regular UUCP:

On the other hand:

The O'Reilly Linux Network Administrator's Guide has some discussion of Taylor UUCP. The O'Reilly Using and Managing UUCP book appears to be out of print.

Ian Lance Taylor / ian@airs.com